Back to the Future 

Photobook Hardcover
Project Idea & Photography: Irina Werning
Design: Ramón Pez
Self-published, Buenos Aires, 2014
ISBN 978-987-33-5158-7

Photo Editor working closely with the artist

Irina Werning | Back to the Future 

Argentinian photographer Irina Werning asked people to submit their childhood photos, which she then recreated—same outfit, pose, family members, location, and print format—with sometimes hilarious results. The old and new photos juxtaposed side-by-side have an “uncanny” effect, says the artist Todd Hido, as grown men and women assume the unconsciously ridiculous poses of their class photos and baby pics. Some pages are joined together at a perforated edge, which can be opened to reveal behind-the-scenes pictures of Werning’s photo shoots.
Photographer Irina Werning asked Barbara Stauss to be the photo editor for her  book Back to the Future. She had taken images for many years and in 32 countries before she decided to self-publish this book.